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We are created to connect...with God, with Ourselves, and with One Another.

And here at St. George you will find many opportunities to do just that: whether it be at Sunday worship; 

a walk in the Labyrinth; attending one of our many spiritual or social events; joining a group, ministry

or bible study; or simply joining us for refreshments after Sunday service. 

We are so happy you are here and we invite you to

Come. Journey Together

Youth & Family

Check out our youth & children programs!
Please note that childcare will not be available on Christmas or Christmas Eve.







Noah's Nursery, under the care of our nursery attendant, is a safe and fun place for your babies to spend time while you are at service or Saint George events.  



Children & Tweens

Sunday School includes classes for children 3 and up with Godly Play as well as classes for Tweens with the Season of the Spirit.

Godly Play

Godly Play: Developed by author, teacher and Episcopal priest, Jerome W. Berryman, Godly Play is offered throughout the United States in denominations as diverse and varied as Roman Catholic, Baptist, Episcopalian, Pentecostal, Lutheran, and Presbyterian. Designed for children aged two to twelve, Godly Play has been classroom tested since 1972. Deeply spiritual and highly creative, Godly Play is also used in schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, and retirement centers .


The educational theory of Godly Play is rooted in the pre-history of our species with respect to the use of ritual, story, and the creative process. The use of Montessori’s approach to education has been adapted to Godly Play in order to stimulate children’s active participation in story and ritual and to awaken their creativity for the learning of the language, sacred stories, parables, liturgical action and silence of the Christian tradition. This is the most appropriate kind of language to cope with the existential limits to our being and knowing.

 Seasons of the Spirit:

Seasons of the Spirit is one inclusive program for the whole congregation. Seasons of the Spirit supports faith communities and families in their life together by:

  • exploring meaning and mystery in the Bible

  • being grounded in thoughtful theology

  • empowering children, youth, and adults to be transformed in Christ

  • inspiring and equipping leaders

  • nurturing the imaginative spirit

  • offering resources for all ages

  • integrating worship, learning, and serving ministries

"Seasons' vision is for an authentic Christianity lived in our culturally diverse and religiously pluralistic world; to be signs of God’s liberating, compassionate, and inclusive love, and to grow in our relationship with God. Seasons continues to nurture faith through liturgy, ritual, imagination, and to encourage Christian growth through worshipping, learning, and serving together. Our true curriculum is how we live our lives together."

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