Our Common Cup - The Vicar's reflection for March 10th

Dear Ones,

As I write to you today, I am reflecting on our temporary practices around the common communion cup.  Right now, even for those who can attend church, we must fast from our common cup out of an abundance of caution.  I found myself quite emotional on Sunday as I took the cup for all of us.  I felt a sense of grief that we could not share it together, and a yearning for a time when we will be able to share it again. When we partake in communion, we are partaking and becoming the Body and Blood of Christ.  The reason I bow to the altar is that at the Table is the work God is doing; God does the miraculous, incredible work of making us One Body.  Being unable to share the common cup this past Sunday caused me to ask even more deeply, how can we be one body when we are apart? We are needing to find new ways to connect and be Church while so many need to stay home.  Everything in our Common Life is disrupted.  There are some silver linings for our spiritual health.  I preached on Sunday about how this time of staying home more is perhaps an invitation to us to embrace Sabbath practice.  To pause, to pray, to breathe, to simply be.  We are in Lenten wilderness time in a new way, and God may do some significant things with us and in us during this time.  Ways to be together when we are apart: We broadcast services on Facebook live and many of you found that meaningful.  I plan to send you reflections and updates. The Friday Bible Study plans to continue to meet and may consider adding online conferencing. Questions I have for each of you: Members in the risk demographics, or with family members who are: Would you be more inclined to come to smaller Eucharists in which no more than 10 members can attend?  We would create a way to sign up, the services would be simple, without music, and perhaps during the week.  We still would not share the common cup and use the solemn bow for the Peace. Members who not in the risk demographics: Would you be willing to help run errands for folks who need to stay at home? In other news, many of you asked for more information on the nine deadly sins I preached about on the first Sunday in Lent.  Here is an excellent resource which frames these from a Christian perspective:  https://www.ericbryant.org/2017/03/07/enneagram-vices-virtues-childhood-messages-and-more/ Much love to each of you! Bonnie + (253) 486-5355

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