St. George doors close & worship moves online

Dear Ones

After prayerful discernment with the Bishop's Committee, and hearing news from our Bishop, we have decided that Saint George will be closed for all events, including public worship, unless an online alternative is available. We recognize that people need Church in a time like this more than ever, so we are taking many steps.

We will offer one online morning service at 9 am and one online evening service at 6 pm on Facebook Live. You’ll be able to watch them at any time, but you can tune in and type prayers and responses during those times. Music and worship volunteers will help us to make these online services possible. A huge thank you to the blessing of these volunteers who will hold the sacramental life of our dear church together while we are apart.

Your Bishop’s Committee will be reaching out to you to receive prayer requests and hear your concerns and needs.

I will be reaching out to you. I’ll be calling and texting and emailing each one of you to find out how you are. I also want you to know that you should feel free to call or text or email me any time. Mondays I take off, except for emergencies. If you are sick or in the hospital or a family member is, that is an emergency. Message me. (253) 486-5355 or

I will be sending my reflections, regularly. These will continue to be sent to you by email and I also plan to start a blog which will be available on the website shortly.

Buddy teams will be forming. These small groups will include every member of the church, so that we are regularly checking in on each other. I’ll appoint a team captain for each group. You can even come up with sassy names for your group! The purpose of these is to stay in touch with the needs in our church community while we are apart, and to respond to needs the best we can. If you think about it, these group could also help in situations of natural disaster when we need to make sure our members are okay. If you are interested in being a group/team captain, let me know!

Service teams are already forming. These are folks, young and old, willing to help and run errands for those who are quarantined or home bound. I already have some volunteers from all age groups, so if you want to join this team, let me know.

Think about service to our wider community. Give to the food pantry, the Food Bank and Vine Maple Place.

You can still give to our church online via the donate button on our website ( or by using self-addressed mail-in envelopes that will go out to many of you shortly.

The grounds are still open. As long as you practice social distancing, you should feel free to wander around the grounds, walk the labyrinth, pull a few weeds in frustration and so on. Enjoy it. It’s yours.

In my last reflection I shared a sense of grief about the changes in our common life. But in the moments when I trust God’s grace, I know that what we learn now, God can use later. I pray that God will hold us together in this wilderness time and I pray for God’s grace in your life every minute.

Love & Blessings,


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