Sabbath Keeping

On the second Sunday of Lent I preached about reframing our thinking with regards to our need to stay home more.  To consider it as perhaps a time to “cocoon” and allow God to do transformative work in us through sabbath keeping.   We cannot always see the “work” that ceasing from work does, but God does do work in us when we let go and let it happen joyfully. Here are some suggestions for your own Sabbath Keeping. Unplug. It is tempting in times of anxiety to stay tuned in, but time away will do you good.  Turn off the TV.  Turn your cell phone face down.  Take a deep breath and prepare to connect to God and your loved ones. Light some candles.  I encourage you to light candles to set time and space apart.  Take a deep breath, offer a prayer and keep silence while lighting them. Bless each other.  This is part of the Jewish tradition of sabbath that I wish we had in the church.  Although traditionally the father would bless wife and children, we can all bless each other!  As long as no one is sick in your home, offer hugs, say special blessings to each, share gratitude for one another.  If you are single and alone, consider making a safe exception for at least one friend or family member to bless each other in person.  If that is not possible, call your loved ones!  Call them on the phone and tell them you love them. Feast. Make a special meal within your budget.  Feast on music.  Feast on nature.  Even if you are staying at home, you can still outside and enjoy God’s creation so long as you practice social distancing.  Feast on anything that creates wonder, delight, joy. Pray. More resources in another addition of my musings coming soon 😊 Read.  Read your bible, and perhaps a favorite book. Recreate & Re-create.  Get outside.  Do art if it feeds you.  Dance if you enjoy it.  Play card or board games. Books on Sabbath: The Sabbath by Abraham Heschel Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren F. Winner Keeping the Sabbath Wholly: Ceasing, Resting, Embracing, Feasting by Marva Dawn

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